Sunday, November 16, 2008

Off course - you have to begin here

Click on the photo to enlarge - the photo

Where else would a photo blog of Public Enemies start but on this guy!!

What I'm going to do is start posting some of the hundreds of photos I have collected from the thousands of readers I call The Public Enemies Army. So many photos have come and gone in the last 8 months I feel I must post thme. This blog will be less words and more photos. Perhaps a story behind a photo about when it came in or whatever - mostly pixels and less letters though!

If you want words go the the original Public Enemies Columbus blog, where it all began!



Angel said...

I love this new blog.

Cybermom said...

Thanks, Grinder! Great idea...

Sue said...

GREAT idea!!! Who can ever get enough of JD and Public Enemies?!!